M-Audio Keystation 61ES

I wanted a second keyboard to cut down on some registration changes, and whilst looking at a few videos on YouTube and a few forum posts, many people were using the M-Audio series of Midi Controllers. I managed to pick up an M-Audio Keystation 61ES Midi Controller for a good price on eBay. It’s a sturdy unit, and has both USB and traditional 5-pin DIN midi connections. I’ve connected mine to my Tyros with a traditional 5 pin MIDI cable. The disadvantage to doing it this way is that the Keystation needs to be used with a power adapter. USB connections will use power from the USB bus. Although I could have connected to the USB port of the keyboard I decided not to, as I might have another requirement in the future.

At the present time, I don’t have the second keyboard connected up all the time due to limitations in the physical space where my Tyros is located. But hope to remedy that soon.