Tyros 5

When Yamaha released the Tyros replacement (the Genos), the music stores had some good deals on the Tyros 5. I sold my Tyros 2, and bought the Yamaha Tyros 5 Arranger Workstation (61 Key Version), with the updated TRS-MS05 speaker system (see below). One significant change between this and the previous models is how hard you need to strike the keys. It’s more akin to playing the piano rather than a traditional PSR type keyboard. I struggled for a few weeks, and then realised I could tweak the compressor settings to get a better volume with a softer touch. The sound quality is brilliant, and a major improvement over the Tyros 2 (not that the T2 is bad – the T5 is just improved).

The TRS-MS05 speaker system is a major improvement both in sound quality and cabling. There is now no need to go in and out of the Tyros for the Satellite speakers like on previous models. The T5 has inbuilt cable clips to help route the speaker system cabling loom.

I kept the Yamaha L7S stand for now. I need to either modify or replace it at some point, so I can put the M-Audio Keystation 61ES midi keyboard in a suitable place for playing.

I also kept my 3 Yamaha FC-5 pedals, although I am considering replacing them with a midi controller board to give more options. I normally use one pedal for page turning in Songbook+, one for registration bank changing, and another for fill-in/break depending on the song.

The pedals I currently use, might go for a midi controller with more pedals soon.

I’ll add additional posts with my Pedal setup and Songbook+ integration on my iPad Pro.